Tabby Tuesday: The Fairy Hobmother and An Award


Adopt Cats, we deserve it!

fAdopt cats, we deserve it!Guess what?  I had a visit from the Fairy Hobmother!  The Fairy Hobmother saw my comment on a post over at the Katnip Lounge and decided to pay me a visit. The Fairy Hobmother travels around the blogosphere bestowing joy and gifts on special critters everywhere.  The Fariy Hobmother sent me a $50 Gift Certificate to Amazon!  I’ll be able to buy something for one of our local shelters, thanks Fairy Hobmother!!!  Be sure to leave a comment on my blog today and the Fairy Hobmother might just pay you a visit too!

I also received a very nice award from my pal Hilary from

Adopt cats, we deserve it!

Y’all know I’m not the best at following rules, and the rules say I’m supposed to pass this on to 10 bloggers who inspire me and link to an inspirational post.  Like Hilary, I’m just going to list the bloggers.  These bloggers, while not brand new, are fairly new, and new bloggers are so inspirational to me, and hopefully to you too.  It is so wonderful when a new blogger joins our ranks and it’s such a joy when they become a part of our blogging family.

Here are some of the newest that inspire me, of course, not listed in order of impawtance…

Remember everyone, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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50 Responses to Tabby Tuesday: The Fairy Hobmother and An Award

  1. Mr Puddy says:

    Double Concats to you, Brain !!!!
    Awesome things always happen to Awesome cat like you !
    Have a great day , Brain

  2. Simba says:

    That is really awesome, Brian. The fairy Hobmother is so kind to various blogging kitties and it is so great when the recipient of the gift does something great for less fortunate kitties with it. I would love to be a winner and to use it to help out Margs Pets, who we know you have also helped a lot in the past. Marg is so generous to homeless and feral kitties.

  3. Marg says:

    Wow, that is terrific that the Fairy Hobmother came to visit you and you get to give something back to the Shelter. That is very exciting. And thanks Simba for those nice things you said about us.
    Conga rats to you on the award. What a great idea to give it to new bloggers. We need to check some of them out ourselves. Take care.

  4. Susan Fields says:

    That is so cool that the Fairy Hobmother gave you such an awesome prize, Brian! I’m sure you’ll put it to excellent use for your local shelter. And congrats on the award, too! Have a great day, Brian!

  5. Wow, Brian! Double fun!! A visit from the Fairy Hobmother and an award!! Congrats on both!!! And that’s a great list of “newer” bloggers! We love them all!!

  6. Oooh thank you for the award Brian, we are chuffed to say the least 🙂
    And well done on both getting the award yourself and for your visit from the Fairy Hobmother… I didn’t realise she was from here in the UK!!

  7. hilary says:

    wow – congrat’s on the visit from the fairy Hobmother and for passing on the award

  8. Yeah to the Fairy Hobmother…..we would visit their shop but it is a long trip from O-hi-O. 🙂 Mom says if she could have a wish it would be for a card to lowes or home depot so she can work on converting our bedroom to a foster room. 🙂 (and get the bathroom back for herself)

    We are going to have to go visit those bloggers….we love meeting new people.

  9. Fuzzy Tales says:

    The Fairy Hobmother had visited us in the summer, so we found out first hand how wonderful she is. 🙂


    And concats on the award too, Brian. 🙂

  10. How exciting the Fairy Godmother came to visit you – what a great prize to give to to a local shelter.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Kwee Cats says:

    Gosh Brian, you have made our furry little faces blush so big 🙂 We never dreamed we’d be an inspiration to anyone. Wow, gosh. See, it’s you who is one that always inspire us. We, our Mumsy too see, did not know there was such a place with so much love and friendship in this world as there is here in Cat Blogosphere. You one of the finest of all the wonderful friends we’ve met here and new ones we always look forward to meeting. Thank you, Brian, for the award yes, but more for being our friend, inspiring us, and how welcome you always make us feel.

    And yay for your Fairy Hobmother surprise! We don’t know Simba up there. But even before we heard of the Fairy Hobmother, we’d thought we’d like to do something to help Marg on account she helps so many. Especially, she helped Sapphire and Lil Em and they always are in our hearts. Sure, we wish for toys and S beds, but we always wish we had more green papers so we could help our kind friends. So, it just delights us when good things happen to our good friends!

    Has a big-big happy, Mr. Brian! You da Mancat! Thank you!

  12. Concats to you for the award and the visit from Fairy Hobmother. We went to the UK site but could not figure where to leave a comment to win a prize from the Hobmother!

  13. Kozmo says:

    Congrats x 2 Brian! The fairy hobmother and an inspiration award! If anybody deserves it – you do! I know you inspire me to be the best mancat I can!

  14. ConCATS & Conga Rats, Brian! We haven’t seen a couple of the bloggers you listed so we’re off to visit!

  15. Old Kitty says:

    Awwwwww yay for the Fairy Hobmother!! How brilliant!! And congratulations too with your wonderful award gorgeous Brian!! Hello too to sweet Precious, Gracie, Zoe, Sascha and Dolly! Take care

  16. You are very lucky to have a fairy Hobmother Congratulations on both!

  17. CindyLu says:

    A gift from the Fairy Hobmother AND an award? I’m not surprised, Brian, you are so very special to so very many. Congratulations!

  18. Pumpkin says:

    Wow! That Fairy Hobmother sure gets around. You’re the 5th pal that I know that’s gotten something from her. Concatulations.

    And concatulations on your award, too. You definitely deserve it.

  19. Whisppy says:

    Congratulations Brian! That Fairy Hobmother is AWESOME!

  20. Iris says:

    It’s a great picture of you today. Congratulations on the award. How nice that you had a visit for the Fairy Hobmother. Two nice things today!!

  21. GreatGranny says:

    Concats, Handsome Brian. Glad you had a visit from the Fairy Hobmother.
    xoxo Kassey

  22. Marilia says:

    Oh Brian !!!!!
    Thanks friend! We are very happy to be reminded by you!! =)))))
    Thousand kisses thanked!!!!!!

  23. Cat's Cats says:

    Everything you do to help out kitties in need is always an inspiration to us Brian!!!

  24. Concats dear Brian! Purrs of thanks for passing on the award to us. We know most of the other bloggers and will share some new ones we like.

  25. Rumbles says:

    Aww Brian, you’re such a kind fella to donate your prize to the less fortunate kitties! Well done on your award and some smoochies to your sisters!!

  26. Gin, Richard, Bailey and Angel says:

    Congratulations is sure in order for the award and what a great thing to get the gift
    on top of it! I don’t usually comment twice a week, but Brian deserves recognition for
    all he does to make life easier for these little ones. Well done!

  27. Admiral Hestorb says:

    Concatulations Brian…and fanks you very furry much for the loves and purrs. They worked for me and mommy both. xoxoxox

  28. Little friend Brian,
    You really deserve the visit and the award!!.
    You are a very special friend.
    Lots of Purrs from
    Xixo and Pepi

  29. Wow, those 50 bucks must have brightened up your day! Let us know what you decide to put it towards 🙂 Also, thank you so much for the award! It’s our first ever! 😀

  30. Abby says:

    We are so glad dat the Fairy Hobmother visited you and that you will be able to help some more kitties! That is what it is all about. We can think of no one more deserving than you! Concats on your award, because you are a great source of inspiration.

  31. Team Tabby says:

    The Fairy Hobmother sent you a very nice gift, Brian, and you are being very generous yourself in using it to make a donation to your local shelter, they will appreciate it.

    Congratulations on getting the Inspiration Award, you deserve it! Also thanks for passing it on to us.


  32. Oui Oui says:

    Concatulations Brian! A nicer kitty couldn’t have won! I was on the blog too at Katnip Lounge. I really like your idea of giving the prize to a shelter. I’d like to win so I could give the prize to Tails of Hope where we got our newest kitty, Mica Minnie Moo. They take cats who can’t stay at the regular shelter (Mica spent her time throwing herself against the bars). They try to do so much with so little.

  33. cate says:

    Gosh Congratulations Brian! I had not heard of the Fairy Hobmother before, but what a great idea! Well done gorgeous kitty :))

  34. Athena says:

    Wow Brian, thank you so much for the award! You, my friend, are an inspiration to me for all you do for kitties.

  35. Genghis says:

    Congratulations on your big win.


  36. BoBo Salem says:

    concatulations to you Brian
    and fairy hobmother is great!!!

  37. Sparkle says:

    I got a visit from the Fairy Hobmother too – I’ll be telling all about it on Thursday!

  38. Wowzers, Brain!! a special visit from the Fairy Hobmother!! what a great way to celebrate the day after meow like a Pirate day! I defurnitely visit & spread the cheer!
    lots of purrs to help the shelters & esp the one you pick.

  39. Fraidy Cats! says:

    Concats on your award, Brian, and about the visit from the Fairy Hobmother! You are always so generous 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  40. Prancer Pie says:

    First, Concats on your visit and award,Brian cuz YOU ROCK!
    Second, Thank you so much fur our award!
    Last, Kudos to you fur using your gift certificate fur your local shelter!

    Pee Ess – we adopted a new kitteh cuz, HE DESERVED IT! (that kinda sounded like a punishment didn’t it?)

  41. Catherine says:

    Woot woot Hooray for your winnings and awards. Good stuff!
    xo Catherine

  42. Brian concats on getting a visit from the Fairy HobMother she is so nice to give so much to the blogosphere.
    Thank you very much for listing me for this award even though my Mom busyiness has limited my blogging I will purrsuade her to post it sometime before the end of the month.

  43. Laura and Taffy says:

    Wow, must be a triple high day for you, Brian. Concats!

  44. Oh how a-citin’ dat the Fairy Hobmother visited you! You are very sweet to buy something for a shelter, Brian.

    YOU are very inspirational!

  45. Esme says:

    Brian, you are one lucky kitty. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

  46. Bailey says:

    Congrats on your award!! And thank you so, so much for passing it to me as well! You are too sweet!! *woof!*

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  47. That Fairy Hobmother sure is a great lady! We will ask again for what we asked for when she helped the Katnip Lounge…..some help for foods for our feral cats. Meowm is trying to have a couple ofnice winter homes built for them, so help with the foods would be very good.

  48. Connie says:

    what fun! I seem to run across the Fairy Hobmother more and more these days.. don’t know if I’m just stumbling about the net more or she’s much more active. It always makes me smile to see it though.

  49. Sagira says:

    OMG…that is SO cool and what a nice thing for them to do just give and not expect anything in return. I don’t know many others more deserving that you guys with all the good you do. Congrats!

    Congrats on your cool award as well. 🙂

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