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Brian's Home.  Adopt cats, we deserve it!
Well I am just not too sure what to think of that thing that goes flash in your face.  Other than that, I guess you could say I am adjusting pretty good.  There sure are lots of kitties that live here, but all in all they do seem to be pretty nice.

That mancat that lives here, you know, the one that thinks he is in charge, says I’m supposed to tell you about myself.  Outside of being a tabby, which is pretty easy to see, I just don’t know where to start.  I do like to play and my favorite toy is a red and white shoe lace.  Well, I do like my catnip pillow and my little batty balls too.  I haven’t played too much since I got here but I have played some.  I am around four years old and I didn’t like it when I had to be outside on my own.  The toughest part was trying to find food and trying to find someplace to keep dry when the thunderstorms came. There are awfully nice windows here though, and I do enjoy looking out into the back yard.  There always seems to be something going on out there.  It’s even better since I am inside looking out instead of outside looking in.

There sure is lots to learn around here, like when we eat, when we don’t, when to hide and when to not.  Oh, hiding?  They have something called the evil Dyson, and let me tell you, under the bed happens quick when that thing wakes up and starts roaring.  There are a whole lot of different smells here too, not that it’s a bad thing, but I’ve gotten used to most of them since the other kitties have come in to say hello.  We are not together all of the time yet, but that day is coming really soon.

I think I’m going to call it a day and go finish my snooze.  Thanks everyone for welcoming me to this thing called the blogosphere, it sure seems like a nice place to hang out.  Brian said we always have to remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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42 Responses to Sister Saturday with Kit

  1. Whisppy says:

    Sounds like all is on track for you to join your brofur and sisfurs very soon! And we agree it is such a wonderful thing to be looking out rather than looking in. Welcome, Kit!

  2. Marg says:

    Hi there Miss Kit. You sure are a pretty girl. We are so glad that you picked that great family to live with. They are the best. And we know you will like all your sisters and that brother is really nice too. Good to see you. Have a great day and be sure to stay warm.

  3. Once you settle in Kit , you will be playing all day, it takes time to adjust 🙂 You couldn’t be with a better bunch though, they are all fantastic 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Pat Hatt says:

    Sounds like things are becoming more of the norm now, soon you`ll be tearing through the house with the rest.

  5. easy rider says:

    I think such a dyson-hoover-whatever-monster lives in all human houses ;o) Just ignore this beast, Kit :o) Have a wonderful caturday

  6. that dyson is evil…..

    I am so happy you are adjusting to your new family – don’t let the mancat boss you around too much… but it is good for him to think he is in charge 🙂

  7. So happy to hear things are going well for you, sweet Kit!

  8. Well! What a nice surprise to meet you Kit Kat! We are sorry to hear about Grandma but it is wonderful that you will be with Brian and the gang. We had a Kit Kat too – she just showed up in our driveway many years ago and we had the pleasure of her company for 18 years. She was a tabby too! We always called her Kit, but she was named after the Kit Kat candy bar!

  9. mary jane says:

    Welcome beautiful Miss Kit, how wonderful you are in the home of Brian and all the other kitty cats, you are so loved and cared for..yippe kiyahhhhh..lots of hugs and purrs and all good wishes from our home and kitteh cats. love mary jane & elli and miss cody girl and mr. miyagi two spoiled kitteh cats! XXX()()()XXXX()()()()!

  10. We are so happy you have a wonderful furever home Miss Kit. We know you will get lots of love and great noms and so much fun with your furry family and their humans. Maybe when you are settled you can join the Tabby Cat Club (Lucy is a member) and she’d be delighted to introduce you to her friends there.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Esme says:

    Miss Kit-it is nice getting to know you. Welcome to the house-do not worry we are not found of the vacauum either.

  12. Hello Miss Kit! Your life is gonna become happier now that you have a comfort zone, your new family…………every cat deserves that!! Huggz=^Y^=

  13. Miss Kit – you are in a very special place now. And don’t worry about the dyson monster – we have one here too but thankfully it doesn’t come out every day

  14. Welcome Kit! We agree, no one likes the noisy sucky thing. Well except Max, he doesn’t mind. But he sure would if he could HEAR it!

  15. speedyrabbit says:

    We are so please that you a re settling in nicely Kit,xx Speedy and mum

  16. Hello Miss Kit! We are happy to hear you are settling in…it had to be hard to lose your person and move all at once and we think you are being very brave. ‘Specially about that Dyson thingy!

  17. Sparkle says:

    It is really nice to meet you, Kit! I think you will like your new home lots.

  18. Katie Isabella says:

    Welcome again sweet Miss Kit. I love you already and you will keep on loving your new forever home. And all the kitties who live there. Maybe you and Sister Precious might get acquainted. She is a pretty girl too, just like you.

  19. Cathy Keisha says:

    Hi Sister Kit or are you Cousin Kit or Step-Sister Kit? You look older than 4 but that’s probably from living outside and biting your lip off. You’re a cute kitty and I welcome you with open paws.

  20. Karen Jo says:

    Hi Kit. Just let that mancat keep on thinking he is in charge. We girls know who is really in charge. Don’t mind the evil Dyson. It only wakes up once in a while. I am sure that you will start to play more once you get settled in.


  21. Madi and Mom says:

    Kit you are a most beautiful tabby and also very lucky to have made your home with Brian and the others. Sounds like you have been readily accepted too….that means you are a nice girl
    Hugs madi

  22. Connie Marie says:

    Very nice to meet you Miss Kit. Look forward to seeing you again.
    I’m happy you are adjusting so well. Nice sounding toys you have.
    Have a great weekend.
    Connie Marie

  23. Aw, Kit, you’re a sweetie. We’re so glad you’re here!

  24. Hi Kit! It sounds like you are settling in well. We are sure we will be seeing a lot more of you.

  25. Deb Harvey says:

    All the fur kids around here hate the Dyson, too! Mom, however,…she loves it!
    Glad that you are doing well, Kit.

  26. Father Tom says:

    And you thought you had adventures before! Sounds like you’re adjusting well, tho, and I know you’re gonna be happy in one of the best homes ever, Miss Kit!

  27. Welcome to the blogosphere Miss Kit! You will soon have Brian trained!

  28. Maggie says:

    Hope you feel at home soon =)

  29. Sagira says:

    A new sister? Nice to meet you!

  30. Amy Orvin says:

    You are so cute 🙂

  31. Kit, thanks for telling us more about you. We know we will all be great furiends!

  32. Hello sweet Kit, You maybe don’t quite yet realize that you have won the lottery here, landing in this great family. You don’t really have to do what Brian tells you, but it keeps him happy if you nod and smile and say, Sure thing, Big Boy!

    Then you can do whatever you want.

  33. Ann Paws says:

    Nice to officially meet you Kit! Hope that you get along with all your new kitty pals!

  34. Hello Kit! We are happy to meet you!

  35. Penelope says:

    Hi Kit! Me is glad that yous gots to goes and lives with your family. It is awful for some pets when their human goes over the bridge and then nobody wants them! Yous has one of the bestest families ever!

  36. Oh, sweet Kit we enjoyed reading how you are progressing in your new forever home. You sure have landed in a good one and we are so happy you are now on the inside looking out and not on the outside looking in. Hugs and nose kisses sweet girl!

  37. Old Kitty says:

    Sweet Sister Kit!! Awwww we are so happy to see you and to learn that you are adjusting well in your beautiful forever home! We hiss too at the evil sucky thing! Ours is called “Hoover”! It is a monster! LOL!

    Take care

  38. Not long to you settle in and it will feel like home. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  39. Kit I am happy to hear that you seem to be adjusting really well! I sure wish I could come and play with you and your red and white string one day! Love, Cody

  40. pumpkinpuddy says:

    Nice to meet you Miss Kit. I’m sure you’ll settle in quickly. Brian and his sisfurs are furry nice.

    I know what you mean about the evil Dyson. We have one of those here. *shudders*

  41. Hello Ms. Kit! We sure are glad to meet you AND welcome to the blogosphere. You’ll get used to and your new surroundings with time. We are so glad you were able to move into Brian’s home. You will have a wonderful forever home with them! Purrs.

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