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Sister Saturday with Zoe

NOTE – COMMENTING ON OUR BLOG:  If you are having difficulty commenting on our blog or get a message that your comment is spam, please email me and I will add your email address to our whitelist.  The admin areas … Continue reading

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Sister Gracie on Sister Saturday

Well hello everyone, guess who? Wow, y’all are smart and guessed it was me Gracie right away. Oh, Brian says the post title gave it away. I’m not so sure. I think y’all would have recognized me anyways. I don’t … Continue reading

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Sister Saturday with Sweet Sascha and Sweet Ande has Gone

It’s Lion Cut Season! It happened to me again, yes it did.  I should have known that something was up when I was the only one that didn’t get breakfast Friday morning. Also, there wasn’t any munchies out Thursday night … Continue reading

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Sister Saturday with Precious

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it. Usually I’m the noise maker and everyone downstairs is looking up to see what I am doing.  Now things are a bit different and all of the romp n’ roll noise is … Continue reading

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